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Cova Crete or Cover Crete

Cova Crete or Cover Crete is also known as spray-on or spray-over resurfacing.

It can be applied to any existing concrete to give it a new look and new life.

Cova Crete can be applied over a wide variety of stencil patterns and in an even wider variety of colours.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a type of finish achieved by removing the top 1- 3 mm from the surface of the slab, exposing the stones beneath.

The mix is the combination of colours of aggregate.

There are many mixes available to suit your taste or the colour scheme of your home.

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete is for those that want a clean flat concrete slab with no frills but want a variety of colours to choose from.

Wet stencil is a type of finish wherein the concrete takes on an entirely new look.

Instead of a flat smooth or non-slip surface, a stencil pattern is set into the freshly poured slab which becomes permanent. A tile pattern for example.

The stencilled concrete can be grey or coloured or have colour in the tiles and grey in the grout lines.


So essentially, footpath or the patios should have concrete that offers firm footing. Something that is easy to manage and maintain and it is also slip-proof or skid-proof too.

Similar to wet stencil,a Decorative or Stamped finish is for those who don't want their concrete to look like concrete.

Rather than trowelling in a stencil pattern, we literally push a texture pattern into the freshly poured slab with large textured stamps.

As you might imagine this is just about making an old concrete slab look new.

One way to restore old concrete is with Cova Crete. Or it could just be as simple as a good clean and a coat of tinted (coloured) concrete sealer.

As fundamental a product as it gets. Don’t build your house on sand, build it on concrete!